About us

Company founded in 1989, we are a manufacturer and distributor of machinery for the production of concrete and mortar, and different types of storage and dosing systems for various industry processes (paint, fertilizers, glass recycling, sludge, cereals etc.). Pioneers in offering concrete batching plants installed on a semi-trailer in the Spanish market. We enjoy a recognized position in the national and international markets.
The customized design, the quality of the products and the service orientation that we offer have allowed us a growing presence in the international market. We emphasize the reliability and ease of operation of our plants, as well as the quality and volume of production of them.
We are fully committed to quality as our ISO 9001 certification proves since 2003. We work for innovation and continuous improvement of our products and services.
We are members of ANMOPYC (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Construction, Public Works and Mining Machinery).

Our services

Client Service

We offer our technical support providing a customized and satisfactory service to our clients. Our solutions are according to the needs of our clients.


Maintenance is a key process for the good conservation of equipment and we offer this service to our clients in all the steps of the production process.

Spare parts

Our objective is to optimize the availability, cost and reliability of the supply to our customers

Installation and commissioning

We offer our service of installation and commissioning of our products all around the world.

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