Gravel-cement plants

The gravel-cement plant is used to prepare the material that will form the base layer in the construction of roads and highways. The speed of construction progress demands a high production volume of these plants (125 – 500 Tn / h) in a continuous process.

The mobility of the plant is another key factor, since the point of production will vary as the work progresses.

Among the main characteristics of our gravel-cement plants, we have:

  • Nominal production capacity in a range of 125 to 250 Tn / hour.

  • Fixed, portable or mobile plants.

  • Number of aggregates between 2 and 4.

  • Continuous weighing and proportional dosing of cement and aggregates.

  • Unload of product in waiting hopper direct to truck.

  • Automatic control of dosing and weighing.

  • The system allows the record of operations and incidents, as well as the reporting related to work, trucks, clients, etc.

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